Bankruptcy Questions and Answers

Bankruptcy is a big decision and can also be quite confusing. Browse our collection of Bankruptcy Questions and Answers, and speak to a local attorney if you want to learn more!

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How can I Keep my Home after Bankruptcy?

Your home is often your single largest asset, and you may want to protect it during your bankruptcy. If you own your home and you want to continue living in your home after filing bankruptcy, you need to plan in advance. Whether or not you can keep your home depends largely on whether you file … Continue reading »

How to Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you’re facing insurmountable debt, you may be considering bankruptcy as a means to a fresh start. One common mistake in this situation is waiting too long to speak to an attorney. Speaking to an attorney about your situation can feel intimidating, and many people put it off for as long as they can. When, … Continue reading »

When is Bankruptcy a Good Option?

Bankruptcy is an important part of our economy. It does not mean that you failed, it does not mean that you are irresponsible, it is there to help when you find yourself buried in debt. There are many ways to work your way out of debt, but the fact is that if you cannot afford … Continue reading »

What happen to HOA Fees during Bankruptcy?

When you realize you cannot afford to pay your bills, you have to make tough choices. Which bills can go unpaid? Typically, the first bills that we get behind on are those that don’t bring an immediate consequence. HOA fees are one example of this. The trouble is, these bills don’t go away – they … Continue reading »

Can I Transfer Ownership of a Car Before Bankruptcy and Keep It?

Cars are an important part of our everyday lives, so when filing bankruptcy, we often worry about what will happen to our vehicles. When considering bankruptcy, you may need to make arrangements to keep your car so that you can continue to work, transport your family, and simply live your life. Sometimes people think to … Continue reading »

Can I Stop Paying my Bills Before I File Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy in Georgia is meant to help get you out from under the burden of¬†insurmountable¬†bills, and we typically do not consider filing for bankruptcy until we truly cannot afford our bills any longer. Once you’ve made the decision to use bankruptcy go get a fresh start, it can be tempting to simply stop paying your … Continue reading »